About Us


The Central Texas I-10 Community Alliance is a joint marketing effort between our area cities, attractions and businesses to inform tourists of all of wonderful things to do and see in the I-10 Corridor Region. With our networking ability and region size, we can make any visitor's experience a great one!

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The Benefits Include:

  • Free listing on the I-10 web site.
  • Opportunity to advertise on web site with banner ad.
  • Source of statistics for your area.
  • Opportunity to partner in travel and trade shows, in person or by proxy, at a minimal cost.
  • Representation on state and local boards and committees.
  • Inclusion in the #roadtripi10 passport game with entry and map to bring travelers to your area.
  • Business referrals.
  • Use of I-10 association logo on your web site.
  • Networking opportunities with other businesses, organizations, associations and chambers of commerce.
  • Workshop and seminar opportunities.
  • Economic Development opportunities through joint tourism events.
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